Frederico Trajano

Frederico Trajano

CEO, Magazine Luiza


Frederico Trajano is CEO of Magazine Luiza.

The company is one of the biggest retailers in Brazil and one reference in Brazilian e-commerce. Magazine Luiza has 19 thousand employees, 22 million clients and 780 stores. Today, e-commerce is responsible for 25% of its revenue.

Frederico joined the company in 2000 to structure the digital operation. Meanwhile most of the companies separate their digital channel, he chose to create an integrated operation. Keeping the same strategic vision, in 2004 he became responsible for physical stores and marketing. In 2011, he also oversaw logistics and technology. Frederico founded, in the same year, Luiza Labs, the company’s research and development center, that now has more than 100 software engineers and is key for a series of disruptive innovations in brazilian retail.

He became CEO in January of 2016. His main mission is to make a traditional retailer became a digital company, with physical stores and human warmth.

Frederico went to business school in Fundação Getulio Vargas, in São Paulo, and, after that, he took a specialization course in Stanford University, USA.