JT Marino

JT Marino

Co-Founder, Tuft & Needle

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John-Thomas (JT) Marino, 30, is a co-founder of Tuft & Needle, the industry pioneer of the first-universally-comfortable mattress that is sold directly online. JT leads Product Design, Engineering, and Retail at Tuft & Needle.

Prior to Tuft & Needle, JT started his career at Hashrocket designing software and thoughtful customer experiences for startups. After building several successful products, JT relocated to Palo Alto to work for a startup as the Director of Engineering.

Tuft & Needle was later inspired after JT and his wife went shopping for their first big purchase as newlyweds, a mattress. Their unfortunate mattress shopping experience, and purchase of a $3300 overpriced and uncomfortable mattress led to restless nights and buyer’s remorse for JT. After sharing his painful story with his good friend, Daehee, they commiserated on the severity of the problem. JT and Daehee Park co-founded and launched Tuft & needle in 2012 to change the way mattresses were designed and sold.

With roots in Northeastern Pennsylvania, JT studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the Pennsylvania State University. He continues to build the Tuft & Needle experience from Phoenix, Arizona, where the company is headquartered.